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So the first two episodes of Doctor Who were part of a two-part story. Castle did the same bloody thing. And we - that is my husband, my Brilliant Friend [ profile] kirathaune and myself - have been watching Jonathan Creek (blame binge-watching QI) and the episode we watched yestereday was a 2-part one. And then Bloody Doctor Who went and did it again with this week's episode. Arugh! I hate waiting.

At least this week's Castle wasn't a 2-parter. Although I'm less than thrilled with the whole story-arc thing. Still, the episode was fun, so I'm not too fussed.

In non-television news, unfortunately Charlie got laid off from his first ever job. I hope he's not taking after me in this case. The place he was working is very new, and they just can't afford bussers at the moment. I'm unsurprised, because he was only working 1 night a week. I have a feeling they kept him as long as they did because they liked him.

Fortunately Charlie's been working a couple days a week a my office. I quite enjoy having him around. It made me giggle a bit to myself, remembering the times I had to take him into my places of work for various reasons, and now he's here again, only this time as a grown-up!

Hopefully he'll find a new job soon. He's looking. He likes working. I know he likes having his own money.

Oh, I got my first royalty payment. Less than $20, but still. Go me.

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