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Been having allergies/asthma all weekend. No fun. I don't really get attacks that often, but when they happen they really suck. I am at work today because I don't feel quite bad enough not to come in, but I can tell it's going to be a long day.

So, I'm really sort of annoyed at Charlie's former place of employment. While logically I know there are probably sound reasons behind this, we went to eat there on Saturday and it was PACKED. And there were bussers. Why didn't they hire Charlie back? I want to know. It just made me affronted on his behalf. Charlie doesn't seemed too fussed, though.

Saw a production of Henry V on Saturday. It was the American Shakespeare Company, and they are a professional group, and were quite good, but I wasn't completely sold on the Henry. I have very high standards for that role. I wanted to get chills down my spine when he did his big rallying speeches, and I didn't. He didn't do them badly, and he had a decent amount of charm and charisma, but it just didn't quite get to the level I was hoping. He was young, though. There was this other actor who was basically the chorus who would have been SO much better as Harry.

I'd always wanted to see a live performance of Henry V though, so I'm happy. It was a well done production. My old director from the Shakespeare company I was a part of basically stole their production ideas and used them with us, so it made me a bit nostalgic, too.

That's about it for me today. How are you?
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