Sep. 18th, 2015

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The place where Charlie works, the Guild Hall Brewing Company, is owned by geeks. It is awesome. Tomorrow they are having a Doctor Who day. And they named a new Scottish Beer Wee Mad Arthur. (And I asked, it is a Discworld reference)

Food is good too. I do hope they are successful. They only opened in June, so it's too soon to tell. Right now Charlie isn't getting too many hours, but we hope that will get better as the pub gets more business. He really likes his job.

I'm trying to think of ways to market my book more, but it's hard without shelling out tons of money. I need to be more aggressive. I am doing the Collingswood Book Festival in October, so that's something. And on Monday I'm going to another book club to meet the people who read my book for book club.

I do wish I had more reviews on Amazon, though. That would help.

Does anyone have opinions on the whole View hoopla re: Miss Colorado? My biggest beef is they didn't even critique her properly. If they had just said 'okay, brave choice to talk about nursing, well done, admirable and all, but it fell a bit flat' or something like that, no one would care. Instead they very obviously didn't pay attention to what she was saying and it came out all 'lol doctor's stethoscope' making them look rightfully stupid.


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