Oct. 13th, 2015

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But I don't want to fall back into the habit of not posting on LJ so here I am.

Oh, actually, I do have something interesting to write about!

I follow Ken Levine's blog - he's a television writer, and he's very interesting. Anyway, he'd written a play, and had documented as this small theatre in LA did it. I said something on his blog about how cool it would be if my local theatre did it, and he actually responded and said 'omg yes.' Long story short, he gave me his email address, and that of his agent, we talked, my theatre decided they wanted to do it and so now we're doing it!

And the coolest thing is, he's going to fly out to see it!

Yes, I am going to give him a copy of my book.

He actually knows the guy who is currently ghost-writing the Castle books. He'd mentioned this guy on his blog once, and I'd made an educated guess at one point what I thought the name of the actual writer was, so I said 'oh is he that guy?' and he deleted my comment. I asked him via email if it was because I guessed right, and he said yes. He said the people in charge are keeping it mostly a secret until the show goes off the air.

Which will probably be at the end of this series, if the new showrunners have anything to say about it. They are determined to hit every 'the changed it now it's ruined' trope possible this year, I think. Sigh.


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