Apr. 19th, 2017


Apr. 19th, 2017 12:01 pm
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So who else really likes the new companion and is really sad that apparently she's only going to be in this series, and also Capaldi is leaving and that's also sad?

Dave (my husband, for anyone who might not know) and I are watching this show that ran on Channel 4 called The Windsor Dynasty or something, I forget. It's a documentary about the Windsors starting from when they changed their name to Windsors basically up through to the present. It's funny watching it, having watched 'The Crown' just to see where that show stayed faithful to the actual history and where it diverged. I have to give The Crown props, actually. Mostly faithful.

Except I'm really annoyed with how they ended the first series because they made it look like Margaret couldn't marry Peter because Elizabeth said so. Truth is she totally could have, she would just have to give up her allowance and her royal title. Which she didn't want to do. The real Peter is quoted as saying 'The weight of me was too much for her.'

Also the way The Crown focuses so much on the men surrounding Elizabeth sometimes I want to scream.

We also watched the show about Queen Victoria, which got confusing since we watched it at the same time we watched The Crown. Doubly confusing since Doctor Who actors are in both.

This is a rather meaningless post, but whatever. I'm bored at work.


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