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Birthdate:May 24
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Sometimes people wonder why my username is what it is. Why am I defining myself only as someone's mother? they ask. Am I not a person in my own right? they wonder. Women don't have to lose their identity when they become a parent, they cry. Why not a username that reflects who I am, not what I am?

Because being Charlie's mother has been the greatest joy in my life, and if that is all I am remembered for someday, I will consider it a life well-lived. Even if I someday I publish a book that outsells Harry Potter, get the Nobel Peace Prize, win an Oscar,an Emmy and a Tony, receive a Pulitzer and become leader of the free world, my greatest achievement in life will always be Charlie.

I am not, however, a one-dimentional person. Among my non-parenting hobbies I would include acting, reading, writing, and, most recently knitting. (I suppose I could put in 'going to the gym' but that's less a hobby than a necessity.)

I believe in ghosts, but I don't really believe in demons. I believe there's life on other planets, but I don't believe they've ever come here. I believe in reincarnation but I am not really sure there is such thing as destiny. I believe in karma, but I don't believe there is such thing as natural justice.

So that's who I am. This week.
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