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Still feeling terribly guilty for woefully neglecting LJ all these years, but since here is where I posted so many of Charlie's milestone moments, I felt I really ought to write something.

Today is the day Charlie starts his first day of college. He's staying home and commuting, so he's not officially left home or anything, but he's starting college, which is a big, giant step into adulthood. I hope he has as much fun as I did in college. And, you know, learns stuff.

He currently is an accounting major. Okay, not strictly true - he went in as a Computer major, because what he thought he wanted to do was design video games. However, he took a computer class in high school and didn't like it much, so we talked about it, and Dave and I pointed out that maybe he should focus on something he KNOWS he likes doing, so he's going to change to accounting. Made my dad a bit proud, that, as he too was an accounting major. So was Dave, come to that.

So. First day of college. On Saturday he turns 18. 2015 is a busy year for Charlie.


Jun. 11th, 2015 07:50 am
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Yesterday was Charlie's Commencement ceremony. He is now a high school graduate.

Because these things are, in the end, frightfully boring, I didn't cry. Much. I got a bit teary eyed at the end when they all threw their hats in the air and cheered.

During the principal's speech all I could think was 'Ascend already' but no one I was sitting with would have gotten the Buffy reference, so I posted it on Facebook.

It wasn't a terrible ceremony, though, all things considered, and it was well over by 9pm so that was good.

And now he's done. Grown. Officially a college student. He's enrolled at the local community college, and he's going to be an Accounting Major.

When he graduated from 5th grade, he got a 'Presidental Award for Academic Achievement.' When he graduated from 8th grade, he got another one. And he got another one yesterday. I'm really proud of him.
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Charlie registered for his college classes yesterday at Montgomery County Community College. Got his photo taken for his student ID, and took a tour of the campus.

It's a really nice campus. It has a good, college feel; doesn't come off like 'thirteenth grade' at all. They have sport, and clubs and some lovely buildings. I think Charlie will be happy there. It's a good way for him to ease into the whole thing. His plan is to do MonCo for two years, then transfer to a 4-year college. It's a good plan. An inexpensive plan.

I feel like I should be more sentimental about this, but it's only when it sneaks up on me does it really hit me that my little boy isn't.

Like for example, when he got his driving license, I was really proud and happy for him, but I didn't feel sappy or sad at all.

Then, the following weekend he was going to his dad's for the weekend, and driving himself. I stood at the doorway, watching him drive off, did it really hit me. My husband, bless him, totally sensed what was going on because he just gave me the biggest hug and didn't laugh at my sentimental tears.

So I'm sure I won't get (too) weepy the day he graduates, but I know at some people over the summer, something's going to come up, and I'm going to be hit with the knowledge my little boy is a man, starting on a path to his own life, independent of mine, and I will cry.

Happy tears, of course, but I'll still cry.
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And here's Charlie. Remember when he was blond? And little?

Charlie Pic
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Charlie doesn't do well with things he has no control over. I think that's why he likes numbers and puzzles and video games so much. He can control the outcome, more or less, and they are orderly and have rules you can follow.

This is why he doesn't do well with things like natural occuring incidents like Tuesday's earthquake and this weekend's hurricane. Which he doesn't know is a hurricane yet, and I hope no one tells him. The earthquake's made him anxious enough this week. 

I'm inland enough that we're probably just going to have strong winds and rain, and maybe a downed tree or two, so hopefully he'll survive it without too much anxiety.

I'm just worried that this, along with the earthquake, is going to start making him think Harold Camping was right after all.
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Charlie's decided he's ready for me to marry The Boyfriend and, like his mom, once he decides something, he wants it to happen ASAP.

On Friday the 3 of us were getting in the car, taking Charlie to meet his dad. Charlie'd forgotten his phone, but Dave (The Boyfriend) remembered it. Charlie was happy, and said 'Dave, I really DO like you. Hurry up and marry my mom.'

We laugh, and Charlie decides to push the point. 'Say these words,' he said, 'Carol, will you marry me?'

I say 'Charlie it has to be private and romantic,' as Dave was a bit busy looking nonplussed to say anything.

Charlie answers, 'it's private and romantic now.' Then he thinks a moment, 'Well, it's private.'
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Graduation was lovely. I didn't cry quite as much as I thought I would, but it was a close thing. He got two awards! One from the Mark Newbie PTA - that was his grade school. Every elementary school picked two students who had gone to that school and awarded them for outstanding achievement, and Charlie won. He got a certificate and $50.00!

Then he got the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. He got that after the 5th grade too, but this time it's signed by a president I actually like.

The principal of the High School welcomed them as the class of 2015. THAT made me cry.
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I got some formal photos done of Charlie for his 8th grade graduation. They sent me a link so I can show off ALL the photos they took. I thought I'd share them with you.

Charlie's Photos (Hopefully the link works.)

He was six...six when I started this blog. Look at him now!
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So, poor Charlie was heartbroken on Friday because he didn't get a 'named' part in the Play "High School Musical" (Junior). He was cast as a 'rebel' which, as near as I can figure, is one of the groups in the cafeteria who sing Status Quo, which is actually a really cool song.

He was crying on the phone when I spoke to him that afternoon, which always breaks my own heart, and he insisted he wasn't going to do the show. Fortunately the director 'gets' Charlie' and apparently spent some time on Friday calming him down, and gave him the weekend to think it over before quitting.

I asked friend on my FB - many of whom are actors - to send Charlie encouraging messages to convince him to do the show, which they did, and I talked to him quite a bit this weekend about how it will be fun no matter what and it's a good experience, so as of this morning he said he was going to do the show.

I had to laugh, though, when I came home on Friday he was sitting on the sofa with the big bucket of Cookie Dough I had, eating it with a spoon, the very picture of abject misery.

His new friend spending the night on Friday went a long way in improving his mood, too. That was nice. His friend wants to be a comic artist when he grows up, and Charlie likes writing stories, so they've decided to team up and make a comic of their own one day. The next Neil Gaiman and Dave McLean, maybe?
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Last night I had my friends over to watch Castle, as per usual, and when my friend Darryl came, Charlie came into the lounge to greet him. He, Charlie, had his 'serioius' face on, so I could tell he was Up To Something.

Charlie clasped Darryl's right hand in his own, then threw his left arm across Darryl's shoulders in what can only be described as a 'bro-hug'.

It was, quite obviously, something new Charlie had learned, and he wanted to try it out.
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Charlie's still having issues at school. I think I'm on top of it, mostly, but it is so frustrating.

I'm meeting with the parents of the girl who keeps accusing Charlie of stalking her - this I don't know what to do about - she recently said he chased her around the park. He said he saw her in the park, but didn't chase her. I'm inclined to believe him, but what if I'm wrong? I'm his mother, of course I want him to be right.

But generally I can tell when he lies, because he's not very good at it. And he said he saw her in the park and though 'ah, (girl's name) but didn't 'chase' her.

I really don't know what to do. I'm so afraid this is going to screw him up for life, and then he'll never be able to have a normal relationship.

I know kids his age can be extremely sexualised, but he's not, and sometimes I think the father is really assuming more, well, 'R' rated things than are actually happening, you know? Like the whole Katy Perry thing on Sesame Street. People got all up in arms because they thought she looked 'sexy' and it would affect the kids, when, at 2 years old, they don't know what 'sexy' even is.

All that being said, he's also gotten in trouble for fighting with the girl who's his 'old girlfriend' from last year. She's taken to being mean to him, and he's responding in kind, probably disproportionately so, and I need to find a way to teach him to defend himself without stooping to her level.

Plus I don't like the idea of him being mean. I'm not raising him that way. Hopefully.

Anyway...just a morning rant before I go off to work where I'm shut away from my beloved LJ. Sigh.
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So, my work has a 60 minute quota for LJ, but apparently not for Dreamwidth. Go figure. life, an update...

Last year Charlie had a 'girlfriend' and they 'broke up' and she said they would just be friends. Apparently she sort of reneged on that, or something, and told Charlie she never liked him.

Honestly I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but Charlie's been fighting with her in school lately. I think she hurt his feelings and he's just not sure what to do about it.

He seems to be making more male friends though; that's a good thing.

Started rehearsal for the next show - we're doing Trolius and Cressida and Trojan Women in rep, and calling it The Fall of Troy. I'm Andromace. That's totally spelled wrong. I'm the wife of Hector. I have a small role in T&C and a huge one in Trojan Women. It's quite the challenge actually.

I've never done Greek Tragedy before. It's kind of fun. I'm hoping it's interesting enough to attract an audience. I'm thinking we should contact nearby schools, see if the teachers can foist us on their students.

Anyone out there ever read/see/study Greek plays?
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I'm sure you were all just losing sleep over the fact I hadn't put up any photos of Charlie in his Halloween costume.

I shall remedy that now.

He is dressed as Albido from Ben Ten Alien Force. Albido is the 'evil Ben' a doppelganger from another planet, or something - Ben has black hair, so Albido has white; Ben's jacket is green so Albido's is red. (Not sure how that's 'opposite', but whatever.)

Once again the Halloween Spirit smiled upon me and I found the jacket at Goodwill for under 3 dollars, and, as usual, My Brilliant Friend [ profile] kirathaune stepped in to help me, and fixed it up so it looked just like the real jacket.

Charlie was thrilled with the result.

Couple more photos under the cut )
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Charlie singing

I tried imbedding it, but it didn't seem to want to work - not sure if it's my computer or what, so I'm posting a link instead. It goes to my FB which is public, so everyone should be able to see it.

The quality isn't great - I had brought Charlie's video camera, but the battery was dead, so I had to make do with the regular camera.

As I said on Facebook...Justin Bieber, eat your heart out! :)
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I never really got acne as a kid which meant, with all the other body image problems I had as a teenager - too short, to skinny, no boobs - at least I didn't have to add pimples to the list.

I had hoped that Charlie inherited my skin, but , alas, I think he got his father's because he is starting to get spots.

I just spent way too long in the facial clenser aisle at the store trying to figure out what would be best for him, because, as I mentioned, I never had to worry about buying any of that acne cleaning stuff.

I wound up with the store-brand version of Stridex.

Any suggestions from any acne sufferers of yore? Any advise you could give me that I can pass on to Charlie?
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Charlie had another social skills incident in school. This time he was accused of saying he made out with some girl. She told her dad, who called the school.

Every time this happens, it seems to be because Charlie said something inappropriate that is then misinterpreted as something even worse, possibly because Charlie's syntax is weird. (It is also possible he IS saying these things, and telling me something else, which would indicate I don't know my kid at all, and I really hope that isn't true.)

I've seen him do inappropriate things, mind, and I've talked to him about it. I know he doesn't understand when one should not say things out loud. But the things he gets accused of, I swear it's mis-heard because people assume the worst. It's easier for the teacher to believe she heard a 13 year old boy saying "I made out with so-and-so' rather than a 13 year old boy saying, as Charlie said he did, 'I'm not ready to make out with her'.

The worst part for me is thinking that this little girl and her parents all think Charlie is some sort of jerk, when he isn't. Hopefully.

Here's the email I sent to the school today, FYI: I used big words cause I are smart )

ETA: JUST got this email back from the woman who is Charlie's counselor/advocate. It made me feel SO much better:

Hear! Hear! I totally agree with your read on the situation. I just heard about it yesterday. Charlie is just not capable of out and out "lies"! Not in his skill set - thankfully!

This is going to be a very difficult, ongoing issue for Charlie and we have to insure that he is not being "set-up" by the other kids.

Great idea to put it in writing.
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I was watching Ghost Adventures this morning, and they were involved in a Civil War reenactment at Gettysburg before going on to ghost hunt. Charlie was watching with me, and as the soldiers fell from gunshot wounds he turned to me, looking a little concerned, and asked me what they were doing.

I explained about how people like to dress up and reenact famous battles from wars. 'But are they really dead?' he asked me.

'No, they're just pretending. It's like acting.'

'Oh, like the thing my dad and I saw in Germantown.' he said, light dawning. He was relieved, and got up to go 'check his Facebook.' as he walked out of the room he was still talking about the pretend soldiers, ending with 'it's not like that they are serial killers.'
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My parents gave him a $100.00 bill. He was thrilled beyond the telling of it.

This is his cake. Yes, I know the colours are a bit 'Christmassy' but he wanted a 4 leaf clover, and he wanted red on it. I think the decorator did a nice job.

He's very happy to be 13.
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My parents gave him a $100.00 bill. He was thrilled beyond the telling of it.

This is his cake. Yes, I know the colours are a bit 'Christmassy' but he wanted a 4 leaf clover, and he wanted red on it. I think the decorator did a nice job.

He's very happy to be 13.


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