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My favourite place to read a new book is where ever get the chance to open it. I started reading Bridget Jones' Diary queuing for my lunch at a Philadelphia McDonalds. And got funny looks when I LOL'd at the line 'if your name is Mr Darcy you shouldn't stand around looking snooty at parties'.

A couple of weeks ago my BFF and her family visited with us at my fiance's house, and her daughter brought The Hunger Games, so I started to read that. Then her daughter took it away, because she was still reading it. So now I am waiting impatiently for her to finish the damn thing so I can finish it. Have resisted buying it, since I'm already part of the way through it, and its not that long a book. My BFF's daugther isn't the quickest reader in the world, unlike her mother and myself, so I'm considering hitting a Barnes and Noble, grabbing the book and a cup of coffee, and finishing it in the shop. *shifty eyes*
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Funny you should ask, internet, because I was just talking about having to start going through all the stuff that, despite my best efforts, have accumulated over the last 4 years in my flat, since I will be leaving it in June.

I need to figure out what I absolutely want to keep, and then get rid of everything we're not going to need, or will have 2 of. And, if I'm logical, I will get rid of things I've had boxed up for the last 4 years in the basement, because obviously I didn't miss it much.

Also...yard sale!
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I have a memory of sitting on my great-grandmother's lap, and she was saying something like 'what does a birdie say' and I was saying 'tweet tweet'. I told my mom that once, years ago, and she said that would have been when I was about 18 months old.
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Charlie does, because he memorised the 'Countries of the World' song that originated on that Warner Brothers cartoon.

Over the summer we went to the PA Ren Faire, and saw the group 'The Rakish Rogues'. They were collecting money for charity and this man sitting near us gave $20 if one of the guys would sing that song. Apparently he'd done it the year previously.

Our Charlie, he who had previously memorised the Element Song, thought that was nifty, so I told him that I would give him $20 if he could memorise the song as well.

It took him until around November, but he did it.

At Christmas we went back to the Ren Faire for their Dickens Christmas thing, and one of the 'Rogues' was now playing Mr Fezziwig, and we had the chance to tell him about Charlie's feat, and he actually called Charlie on stage during one of the shows and had him do it. He was suitably impressed.

So, do I know all the countries? Probably not, but I know where I can go find out.
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Surprisingly no. I really don't. I suppose there's a bunch of little things I wish I hadn't done or said, but generally 2011 has been berry berry good to me. I just hope 2012 is nice to me,too.
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My fiance got me a laptop of my very own. Because he is AWESOME.

I didn't get him presents that were nearly as good.

I'm a very, very lucky woman.

Charlie, meanwhile, got a 3DS and he is very happy. We fooled him by putting it in a bigger box and covering it with a shirt. He opened it last, and we could tell he was trying VERY hard not to be disappointed. I didn't get him too many other presents, because the 3DS is expensive, so he was thrilled to pieces when he saw what was under the shirt.

I hope everyone who celebrates is having a great day!

Merry Christmas!
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I don't really have one, but I do enjoy watching holiday specials in general. I love that the Halmark channel runs a bunch of them pretty much 24/7, because it's fun to come in the middle of one and try to guess the story line.

'Santa's Offspring' seems to be a theme nowadays, mostly concerning the offspring in questioning interacting with the Real World and Teaching Someone the Meaning of Christmas. Or Helping Someone Rediscover The Joy of Christmas. Sometimes Santa's son is a layabout, and he gets a redemption arc.

Then there's the parent, usually a father, who's too busy and important for Christmas and either learns The True Meaning of Christmas via some mysterious stranger or because they get stranded in some small town with no cell phone service.

If it's a single woman, than she's too focused on her career to care about Christmas, and she tends to discover that having a husband/children is what she wanted all along. Single MEN are fairly under-represented, I think.

If it's a single MOTHER, she also usually finds a man in her stocking. Well, not literally. That would be a completely different kind of story. She tends to not be able to find the one gift her cute little moppet wants but someone finds it for her. Either Santa, Santa's Offspring, some kind of Mysterious Angelic Stranger, or the guy she falls in love with.

Single FATHERS are usually widowed, and rubbish at Christmas, and a beautiful and mysterious woman comes along. Or a grandmotherly type. Or Santa himself. Then he gets taught how to love again.

Oh, and don't forget the Greedy Business Person who finds redemption.

And it almost always snows at the end. Even if its in California.
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Oh, fun question!

I never had anything MAJOR happen to me, but I like to think I've always been 'sensitive' to spirits, or whatever.

First time I could ever really say something might have happened was at the Spy House Museum, now sadly closed. It is the oldest settlement in NJ and interesting in its own right, but was supposed to have over 100 ghosts in it. It's in Middletown NJ. First time I went there, my friend and I decided to walk around before we heard any of the stories, so as not to be influenced. I walked into this one room, and as I went toward the window I felt something brush against my arm. I didn't walk into anything, and it was very light in the room. Later I found out a woman supposedly haunts that room, looking out the window at the ocean, waiting for her husband to return from the sea.

Another time in the same place, I went into that room and it was really cold. I put it down to being late afternoon in autumn, but not a 1/2 hour later when I went into that room, it was a good 10 degrees warmer.

Caught a couple of EVPs in my short stint ghost hunting, too.

My favourite story to tell didn't happen to me, but my mom, who has always been practical and not given to flights of fancy. When I was in college, my parents bought the house that had been my grandparents when I was a child (same town where we'd been living, just a different neighbourhood) because it was a really good deal. The house was on the corner. One day my mom was sitting at the corner in her car, waiting to turn onto our street when she was rear-ended. The impact was so strong it pushed her car into an oncoming bus. For some reason, and this isn't like my mom, she didn't have her seatbelt on. The car was smashed, but she escaped with just a few bruises.

Later when we were talking about it, I, only half jokingly, said maybe her parents (the grandparents who'd owned the house) were watching out for her, since the house was right there.

She got really quiet, and then said, Right as the car hit me, I saw my father's face.'
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Since I was 12 years old, and I'm 44 now, so that's *does the math slowly because math is hard* 32 years ago. Can't imagine my life without her in it. And, as a bonus, our sons are best friends, and they've known each other since birth.

My other best friend I've known since I was 14.

I'm pretty lucky.

PS. It was a horse
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Neil Patrick Harris didn't host, so what's the point?
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I usually picked truth. I didn't like doing dares - I was always afraid they'd be trying to make me look ridiculous. I had self-esteem issues.

And I didn't have that many secrets to hide.
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I had a nervous breakdown. And in my case it wasn't just kids bullying me; although there was this one girl who totally did, but the teacher who bullied me, belittled me, and basically broke what little self-esteem I ever had.

That said, there was this other girl in that class who was kind of cruel to me; not horribly, but typically, if you know what I mean. She and I wound up in a couple of classes together in High School, and we sat next to each other in French class and we became friends.

That to me was the best feeling in the world. Letting go of that anger and pain and befriending someone who once hurt me felt good.

Some of my HS friends think I have rose-coloured glasses when I look back on those years, and I probably do, but compared to grade school and middle-school, High School was paradise for me. I had friends, I had activites, I finally liked who I was. That went a long way in 'getting through' the problems I had as a kid.
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I totally have to answer this question, because I love singing at karaoke.

That said, I don't think I have one song I MUST do. I have 'go-to' songs that I'll do depending on my mood and the quality of the Karaoke DJ, but there is never one song I do every single time I go.

Back when we would go every other weekend, when I was first a footloose and fancy-free divorcee, I would do Pink's 'So What', because it was kind of my theme song. I probably did that one way too much.

And generally I like to to Blondie, because I'm pretty good at those songs, having been singing them since I was 12 years old. 'Dreaming' is my favourite.

Charlie's go-to song, however, is Beat It and/or Bad. He loves his Michael Jackson.
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My mother was never really a cook. She made good food, but it was generally easy stuff, shake-n-bake, that sort of thing. She makes this really good cake called "Bishop's Bread' at Christmas - it looks like a fruit cake, but isn't; it's chocolate chips, cherries and walnuts. It is nom, and it is one of my mum's 'things' that I always look forward to.

Still, as far as meal-time goes, she wasn't really a woman who cooked. Not like someone who enjoys the whole process anyway. One of the first books I ever remember seeing is one of her cook books written by Peg Bracken, called the "I Hate To Cook Book". It was written for housewives who really had better things to do than spend all day in the kitchen, so it was chock full of easy and tasty receipes. That pretty much sums my mother up right there. And me as well, come to that.

The book, which I have now, was written before there were so many box things that we have now, so by today's standards, the receipes still take longer than the average working mum would probably want to waste time on, but they are still relatively easy to do and don't take up too much time. It's one of my favourite possessions.

So my mother was not a woman who cooked, but our mealtimes were always together, and almost always a time where we would talk and laugh and be a family. That's what I remember about my mother's cooking.
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Georg Bush's entire presidency.
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Depends on how big the diamond is.

No. I'm kidding.

I would, if there were good reasons for it, and it was the best option.
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Are there 'non-classic' Beatles songs?

I generally just enjoy most of their songs, so I don't know that I could narrow it down. Yellow Submarine is always fun to sing.

Oh, maybe 'When I'm 64.' I just think that's an adorable song.
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which books, actually, and the answer is the Discworld series - well all Terry Pratchett, really. I have lost count of how many times I've re-read every single one of Terry Pratchett's books. I like to read before I go to sleep, and if I haven't anything new to read, I generally grab one of his books because, even on the 20th reading, I find myself totally emmersed, and there's always something I didn't notice, or didn't remember to delight me all over again.

I just finished re-reading Reaper Man, actually. That one, if I had to guess, is the one I've re-read the most. The copy I own is falling apart, and is even missing a couple of pages (the Counting Pines bit), and you know what? It was just as much fun as reading it the first time.

Windle Poons is like an old friend, as is Miss Flitworth (Pterry's answer to Miss Havisham) and Lupine and Ludmilla, who I sincerely hope will show up again some day.

And the mayfly part is probably one of my most favourite bits ever.

'I remember when all this was fields.'

'It's still fields.'

'They were better fields. And there was a cow.'

'I remember that cow! Must have been there for oh, 10, 15 minutes.'

I've got Charlie reading Only You Can Save Mankind right now. He seems to be enjoying it.
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I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.
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Rocky Horror, full stop.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to the fun that I had at those midnight shows, throwing rice, tossing cards, spraying water pistols, and shouting 'Asshole' at Brad everytime he introduced himself.

It's time has passed, I think, which is sad, because the comradarie of those showings is something wonderful.

One of my favourite bits, for some reason, was in the beginning, when Brad and Janet get a flat tire. Brad thumps his hand in frustration on the seat, and everyone in the audience thumps in unison with him. I just loved the sensation of everyone thumping at the same time. It was funny, and rather clever.

I was lucky enough to attend showings where we also had a live cast. Our Frankie was fantastic. Absolutely dead-on. On of my favourite things he ever said was, after Rif-Raf says 'say hellow to oblivion' our Frankie said, 'I'm not afraid of oblivion. I live in New Jersey!'

I loved all the things people came up with to shout at the screen, actually. Probably the things we shouted would be completely confusing to a modern audience; funny how one can date oneself like that.

I loved those nights. They were always and without fail fantasastic evenings out with my friends. We'd laugh and shout and sing until my sides ached and my throat hurt, and then we'd go to a diner after and have some fries and sodas, and just had fun being obnixous teenagers, out having a harmless good time.

As an aside - the Karaoke DJ we used to be able to go to was a HUGE Rocky fan, and one of the first times I went I sang "Touch Me" and he was so excited. He would sing Sweet Transvestite, and he was really good.

One time I was doing Touch Me and there was a bride (this was a fancy hotel bar) who LOVED the show and asked if she could join me. Of course I said yes.

So in short. In my life, Rocky Horror will always, always mean I'm having a good time.


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