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England Swings...

Right. So I realised I was quite remiss in telling LJ about our most recent trip to the UK. Mostly because I'd been neglecting LJ. But, with the attempt at a resurgence here, I thought I'd make a post. Possibly more than one. Because it was a long trip. And was awesome.

This time we actually rented a flat rather than staying in a hotel. It was, in part, a cost saving measure, as we would be able to buy food and eat in, rather than do restaurants all the time, but mostly it was so I could pretend like I lived there.

The flat was great - it was in Paddington, right near the station, so super easy to get places, and it was two floors! You would enter the door, go up a flight of stairs to get to the first floor, which held the kitchen and the lounge. Up the 2nd set of stairs was the two bedrooms, bathroom, and washer and dryer! Also a bonus as we didn't have to pack so many clothes.

One of the greatest things was the fact that I got to see several 'internet friends', i.e . [ profile] lizzyrose89, [ profile] pinguthegreek, [ profile] pookledo, and one friend from my college who lives there now and who is not, as far as I know, on Livejournal.

Lizzyrose gave us an insider's tour of Cambridge, which was super awesome. I even got to go for a pee in one of the buildings tourists are supposed to go in, so HA. Pinguthegreek helped us not lose at a pub quiz. That was so much fun, and Pookledo was amazingly kind enough to drive us all over the countryside. Because of her we got to go to Bosworth Field, a place we wouldn't have gone to otherwise. And we went for a curry with her and her SO, which was fun, and one of those 'terribly English' things I always wanted to do. And I got to see her allotment. Which made me really want to have a garden of my own. Then I got home and realised I really don't want a garden of my own. I'm not good at gardening.

Being able to see everyone In Real Life was just wonderful. I can't even tell you. Being able to put faces to names, and getting to know them in person was fantastic. (Although to be fair we did meet Pookledo back in 2011.) And it made me feel so much less touristy!

I think my most favorite place was the Midlands, but I think that should be a post for another day, since I've babbled enough for now.

Next post, I'll begin at the beginning, I think, and tell you about our trip to Bath. :)

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And we got to play with the ghost hunting app which was brilliant and Grom won't let me put it on my phone as he thinks I'll scare myself to death with it.