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England Stuff

I said yesterday I'd start my 'travelogue' with Bath, but I changed my mind. Our first full day was spent in London, actually, so I should probably start there. Problem is I have about a million photos of buildings and suchlike, and I have to leave for work soon, so instead I decided for this post, in the grand tradition of this blog, I would show you a photo of Charlie.

There was an art instillation by St Paul's, where one could actually play a guitar. Charlie's been playing for a couple of years now, and, being Charlie and having no compunction about doing something in public, he played a song. I forget what song.

People walking by stopped and watched him. No one gave him money, though. :)

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How excellent! :)

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If he'd put a hat or something out, you never know...

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Very true!

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Wow! He has really grown up!!!!