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charliesmum ([personal profile] charliesmum) wrote2015-10-01 04:12 pm

Television Stuff

On Facebook I follow a Castle Feed. Not sure it's official, or what. They posted this article interviewing the new showrunners, who basically said that they are 'rebooting' the relationship to make it 'interesting' or something. I made this comment:

One thing I always liked about Castle is the writers and showrunner never felt like they had to 'reboot' the relationship to keep it interesting, and therefore Castle and Beckett always acted like real, grownup people. I'm a bit unhappy that the new showrunners are doing the classic 'oh, we're going to make it like the first seasons again.' We don't NEED the first seasons again. We've seen that already. If I wanted first season Castle and Beckett I'd watch my DVD.

So far over 50 people have agreed with me.

Makes me sad, because Castle was so good at not falling into the so-called Moonlighting trap. The relationship progressed naturally and logically, and they never insulted our intellegence by breaking them up for stupid reasons. I was happy when Castle got renewed for one more year, because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to it, but I should have worried when I heard the original showrunner was leaving.

It's too early to call, so I'm hoping they will turn it around, but I think Castle might be another in a long line of good shows that stayed too long past their sell-by date.

I'm also not sure I like the new Muppets, but that's a rant for another post.