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charliesmum ([personal profile] charliesmum) wrote2015-10-05 12:15 pm

So...the Muppets

I've watched the first two episodes of the new Muppets and, while I don't hate it, it just mostly makes me want to watch the original Muppet Show.

The old show was for the inner child. Actual children could watch it, and get it, and enjoy it, sure, but I always felt it was for grown-ups who wanted to indulge their childish side. The humor was subtle, it worked on two levels at once, for the children and for the adults.

This new one is focusing on 'oh, look, Muppets for grown ups' and forgot to put the heart into the show. It's probably impossible to do, given that Jim Henson has been dead these past 25 years. The 2012 movie managed to capture some of his essence, I think, but I believe that's because it was more of a homage to Jim H and the original Muppets, rather than a 'reboot'.

My biggest complaint is Miss Piggy. In the show, and the original movies, she behaved like a 'diva' but she wasn't actually the big star she thought she was. The other characters indulged her because they loved her, deep down, but her antics were (mostly) harmless because she didn't have the power she thought she had, and wanted to have.

In this new one she IS the star, and now her behavior is just grating and unpleasant. There's no charm in this new Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy with the power she used to only think she had is no fun at all.

I've been a Muppet fan since I was a toddler, thanks to the fact Sesame Street came out when I was around 2 years old, and I loved the Muppet Show when it was on in the 70's/early 80's. I liked all the movies to varying degrees, although the only one I really loved post-Jim Henson was the Christmas Carol one. (I did love the new 'The Muppets' but, again - I felt it really captured the heart of what the Muppets were)

I wanted to love this new show, but I don't see it happening.

And yes, I took Miss Piggy way too seriously in this post, didn't I?