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Last night I dreamt I took the TARDIS back in time to meet Richard III. He was taller than I expected. Then I was chatting with Anne, his wife, while she was drawing some kind of portrait, and she mentioned her year-old daughter, and I was sad because I knew the daughter was going to die.

Did Richard and Anne have a daughter that died in infancy? I've no idea. I may have to look that up.

Not sure where the Doctor was during all this, but I was hanging out with Clara, so he must have been somewhere.

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So far as I can tell, Richard and Anne only had one child--Edward of Middleham, who died when he was ten. Richard did have a daughter with a lover (before he married Anne), but Katherine survived long enough to marry an earl.

Richard was apparently about 5'8", which was tall for a medieval man.

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Interestingly, in my dream, he was about a head taller than me, which probably put him at about 5'8". :)

Yeah, I didn't think they had any other children besides Edward.

I did read somewhere that, while he did have mistresses at times, once he married Anne he didn't. I like to think that's true.

Seeing his grave site and his tomb this past summer was so amazing. It was fun seeing all the 'yay Richard' stuff in Leicester, too. :)