May. 16th, 2007 01:03 pm
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Hugh Laurie looked really hot when playing chess. Just saying.

Loved how the kid was just a jerk, but I feel sorry for the mom, having raised such a horrible person. But that probably happens sometimes.

Chase. I loved how House said "Now I know why I hired you." when Chase did his big dedution thing. Chase is really smart, and it is nice to know House knows it.

However...after Cameron basically told Chase he was a petty sabatour, I was really hoping, after he said, "It's Tuesday" he didn't say anything. Because, seriously, Chase, you can do better than Cameron.

I suppose the parallels are this - Foreman thinks he is turning into House because he, Foreman, is a cold bastard at times, whereas Chase really is the most like House in that he has a really good deductive brain, and Cameron is trying to be like House by being what she thinks is hard.

It was also intersting to see the 'jerk' parallels, I think. As cruel as House can be, his meanness is tempered with something - his intellegence, I guess, whereas the kid was just a jerk. Like House said, there is a fine line between 'tortured genious' and someone who is upset because people don't like him.

So my 4 year old nephew is going to a Christian pre-school, not for any particular reason, my sister isn't that religious really, but the school is close to their new home, and he really liked it when they visited it.

The other day he was explaining to his daddy how great Peter Pan was, since they'd just gotten the Disney DVD, and he was talking about the scene at the end where Peter was fighting Hook and he says, "And Peter Pan was walking on water, just like Jesus!"

I thought it was funny.


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