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My work is trying to go all out for Halloween this year, with a company wide costume contest and all. I don't know that I'm eligible, as I'm not part of a 'team' (we're a call center, so each team works for a different health insurance company) but I'm probably going to dress up anyway. I'm planning on wearing my Susan, aka the Doctor's granddaughter, dress, so probably only one person will know who I am. Maybe.

Charlie is feeling a bit down about not having a reason to celebrate Halloween this year, for some reason, which makes me sad. I really wish he would find a group in college so he can have friends and do college-y things, but I can't do it for him, and I know he'll find his own way. He seems happy enough overall, so all I can do is hope he finds something soon. Meanwhile he's decided to go to my sister's house and take his young cousins trick-or-treating so he can dress up, so he's at least found a way to be involved in Halloween. I shouldn't worry so much about him, maybe.

It's hard, parenting someone who is technically a grown up. I can't do the mum things I used to be able to do to try to smooth life's bumps in the road. I know he needs to learn to do it on his own. That goes for any kid, but doubly I think for one with specical needs, because I really want him to be able to adult on his own someday.

I do hope he gets another job soon. Right now he just goes to school, only talks to his one friend, and then is home in the basement on video games the rest of the time. He needs to get out. He's trying, at least. Keep your fingers crossed.

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You should bring Charlie to LI Who again! That'll cheer him up. ;) And Carol Ann Ford is going to the there!!! She'd love to see your Susan, I'm sure.

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That's good that Charlie is going trick or treating. Does he have any hobbies? I know there is a gaming group and sci fi group that meets around here. Maybe there is one near you that he might like?