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How I know my son loves me

Charlie, at almost 20, is much less demonstrative in his affections. As a child, he would hug me, and say 'I love you too', but now I don't get a hug unless I hug him first, and he tends to not want to say 'I love you too' unless pressed.

But I know he loves me. Yesterday he asked me if I wanted him to go with me to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, as we'd seen it together, or if he should see it with his BFF. I said that while I would love to see the movie with him, should he and his friend decide to see it together, I wouldn't mind.

A few minutes later I heard him tell his friend that he could see the movie with him.

The fact that Charlie checked with me, and would have been willing not to go see the movie with his friend, had I said I wanted to see it with him, shows me in a way a mere hug never could, that he loves me.
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At least he didn't call N in front of you, LOL!