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The greatest thing about blogging is it combines the ego-centric whining of a diary with a support group. I love the fact that I can bitch about stupid things in my journal simply as an outlet for my feelings so I don't end up smacking my head into a wall, and still get people to, metaphorically speaking, pat me on the back and say 'there, there.'

You all rock. Thank you. Really, really thank you.

So. I get a call this morning on my cell phone. It is on 'restricted' so I think it is my really nice but slightly paranoid neighbor calling me, as she did the other day. Guess who it was.

Yep. It was crazy ex-babysitter. Who, by the way, came a trick-or-treating at my house with her son. I was polite and she didn't ask for any money, so all was well.

Guess what she's asking for? She wants a letter from me saying when she watched Charlie and why she had to stop as part of her slip-and-fall lawsuit.

I agreed to do it. I thought about it, and it is true, in a sense, that I ended her employment because of her 'accident'. She was dragging Charlie to court, and wasn't taking him anywhere in the summer because of her 'accident'. So I'm not lying. This is what I said:

To whom it concerns:

(Crazy Babysitter) acted as my son’s after-school caregiver from November 22, 2004 until July 22, 2005*. I was paying her $150.00 a week.

After (Crazy Babysitter) slipped and fell, she was unable to consistently care for my son, who is a ‘special needs’ child, and I eventually had to find other help.

So that is telling the truth, right. I didn't say 'she was so horribly injured she couldn't work. I'm just saying after she fell, she wasn't doing her job anymore. Any lawyer types out there want to let me know if I'm purjering myself. Is that the right word? I've no idea.

Hopefully she'll win tons of money and live happily ever after and I won't ever hear from her again.

*And again, thanks to LJ, I have the exact dates recorded. Go me.
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