Sep. 9th, 2015

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I got a lovely review from 'Night Owl Reviews' on my book. That was exciting.

And a friend of mine wrote a review on Amazon with the best line ever: 'Threads of Twilight and 50 Shades but I thought much better in that this book focuses more on the fantasy, plot, and characters rather than abusive romantic relationships.'

I Lol'd.

The good news is, I'd been totally blocked trying to write something new, but I think I hit on a decent plot, and got about 2,000 or so words written yesterday so yay me.

In other news, Charlie seems to be enjoying college so far. It's still weird for me - it probably will be for awhile - that he's in college. He goes 3 days a week, driving himself in, of course, and it's just, well, weird. For the first time since 2001 or so I had no idea when public school started.

Did I mention Charlie had his 18th birthday this past Saturday? We took him out to eat at the place where he works, and everyone came over to wish him a happy birthday and we got a really good discount because he's an employee.

I remember talking about Charlie's 8th birthday on this very blog. He wanted a Spiderman theme, I think it was.

He's still so young in many ways, with his Autism, he's socially a bit behind, and is currently a bit fixated on all things video games, but at the same time he's behaving very much like a responsible adult. I'm very proud of him.


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