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Today are all the big scary sales. I am not participating, because a) I have no one to watch Charlie, so what's the point and b)aaah! Crowds!

Just sometimes I feel I may be missing something. The adrenaline! the excitement! The half off! meh, whatever.

Thanksgiving went very well. I'm sure I've mentioned how my parents and my husband don't get along, and by 'don't get along' I mean 'hate each other'. Over the years I basically stopped having my husband and family in the same place, because I personally couldn't stand the tension. This meant that the majority of Thanksgivings we spent with my in-laws, and I would do Christmas Eve with my family, sans husband, and we would do Christmas day with his family because I get along wonderfully with my in laws. Even though they are serious Bush supporters

But yesterday we spent Thanksgiving at my sister's house, not relevant why. She lives just a few minutes away, so I have to admit the not travelling thing was nice. My parents and my sister's parents in-law were there. I was very worried that it was going to be another tension filled day for me, butto my emmense relief, it wasn't.

I did have to snap at my husband and make him stop sitting in the dark living room and go down to the family room where the other people were, (act like a grown-up, I told him) but after that, he did okay. Talked football and sports with my dad and the other people and then, much to my amazement, he and my mother had a very long civilized conversation about his work.

So, phew.

Not that I think they are all going to be new best friends or anything, but it is nice to know they can manage a few hours in the same room without making me want to drink myself into oblivion.


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