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In a continued effort to jump start the LJ Renaissance, I have re-upped my paid account. What's the point of writing a blog if I can't use all my super awesome icons?

I also had to update my user information, really. I don't live in New Jersey anymore.

I didn't realise how much I missed LJ until [ profile] slammerkinbabe declared she was coming back here. This was my safe space for so many years, and the place where I found all my Harry Potter friends, and my Doctor Who friends, and all sorts of other people.

Facebook is okay, but LJ has soul, you know?
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I am really not very good at marketing myself. A shame, really, because 'Marketing' as a career was something I always thought I'd like and be good at. Although I guess if I did it for a living I'd a) be doing it for someone else and b) have the funds to pay for the stuff that one needs to actually market.

I did pay for a few services, but some of the things are just SO expensive I can't bring myself to do it. Even if it is tax-deductible.

At any rate, one of the things I did do is book a table for the Collingswood Book Festival in my old town of Collingswood NJ. It's a big deal, thousands of people come, and book sellers and authors of all levels of professionalism show up. It's pretty nifty.

My publisher sent me some pens with their logo as a giveaway, as well as coupons for 25% off books in their 'garden'.

And my Brilliant Friend [ profile] kirathaune is going to be making me a banner.

If anyone lives in the vicinity of Collingswood NJ (Just over the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philadelphia) please do stop by.
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The place where Charlie works, the Guild Hall Brewing Company, is owned by geeks. It is awesome. Tomorrow they are having a Doctor Who day. And they named a new Scottish Beer Wee Mad Arthur. (And I asked, it is a Discworld reference)

Food is good too. I do hope they are successful. They only opened in June, so it's too soon to tell. Right now Charlie isn't getting too many hours, but we hope that will get better as the pub gets more business. He really likes his job.

I'm trying to think of ways to market my book more, but it's hard without shelling out tons of money. I need to be more aggressive. I am doing the Collingswood Book Festival in October, so that's something. And on Monday I'm going to another book club to meet the people who read my book for book club.

I do wish I had more reviews on Amazon, though. That would help.

Does anyone have opinions on the whole View hoopla re: Miss Colorado? My biggest beef is they didn't even critique her properly. If they had just said 'okay, brave choice to talk about nursing, well done, admirable and all, but it fell a bit flat' or something like that, no one would care. Instead they very obviously didn't pay attention to what she was saying and it came out all 'lol doctor's stethoscope' making them look rightfully stupid.
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I got a lovely review from 'Night Owl Reviews' on my book. That was exciting.

And a friend of mine wrote a review on Amazon with the best line ever: 'Threads of Twilight and 50 Shades but I thought much better in that this book focuses more on the fantasy, plot, and characters rather than abusive romantic relationships.'

I Lol'd.

The good news is, I'd been totally blocked trying to write something new, but I think I hit on a decent plot, and got about 2,000 or so words written yesterday so yay me.

In other news, Charlie seems to be enjoying college so far. It's still weird for me - it probably will be for awhile - that he's in college. He goes 3 days a week, driving himself in, of course, and it's just, well, weird. For the first time since 2001 or so I had no idea when public school started.

Did I mention Charlie had his 18th birthday this past Saturday? We took him out to eat at the place where he works, and everyone came over to wish him a happy birthday and we got a really good discount because he's an employee.

I remember talking about Charlie's 8th birthday on this very blog. He wanted a Spiderman theme, I think it was.

He's still so young in many ways, with his Autism, he's socially a bit behind, and is currently a bit fixated on all things video games, but at the same time he's behaving very much like a responsible adult. I'm very proud of him.
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I ordered The Shepherd's Crown from around April. It came on Monday. I finished on Tuessday. After having to put it down for an hour or so because I was crying too hard.

I think in the last few books of Sir Terry's he was doing his best to give us a decent goodbye, having older characters come out and wave hello, as it were, but this book was really a goodbye.

More thoughts and spoilersunder the cut )

I'm glad I can revisit the DIscworld any time I like, but it's sad to know nothing more will ever be added to it.

I'm just hoping that the rumoured talk of a 'Night Watch' television series is a thing that will actually happen.
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Still feeling terribly guilty for woefully neglecting LJ all these years, but since here is where I posted so many of Charlie's milestone moments, I felt I really ought to write something.

Today is the day Charlie starts his first day of college. He's staying home and commuting, so he's not officially left home or anything, but he's starting college, which is a big, giant step into adulthood. I hope he has as much fun as I did in college. And, you know, learns stuff.

He currently is an accounting major. Okay, not strictly true - he went in as a Computer major, because what he thought he wanted to do was design video games. However, he took a computer class in high school and didn't like it much, so we talked about it, and Dave and I pointed out that maybe he should focus on something he KNOWS he likes doing, so he's going to change to accounting. Made my dad a bit proud, that, as he too was an accounting major. So was Dave, come to that.

So. First day of college. On Saturday he turns 18. 2015 is a busy year for Charlie.


Jun. 11th, 2015 07:50 am
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Yesterday was Charlie's Commencement ceremony. He is now a high school graduate.

Because these things are, in the end, frightfully boring, I didn't cry. Much. I got a bit teary eyed at the end when they all threw their hats in the air and cheered.

During the principal's speech all I could think was 'Ascend already' but no one I was sitting with would have gotten the Buffy reference, so I posted it on Facebook.

It wasn't a terrible ceremony, though, all things considered, and it was well over by 9pm so that was good.

And now he's done. Grown. Officially a college student. He's enrolled at the local community college, and he's going to be an Accounting Major.

When he graduated from 5th grade, he got a 'Presidental Award for Academic Achievement.' When he graduated from 8th grade, he got another one. And he got another one yesterday. I'm really proud of him.
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In case anyone sees this, I just wanted to let you know, that my book, Strange Business, is going to be released 'worldwide' on 17 July!

Best place to go would be

It's not up there yet - I don't think there's any pre-order dealy.

It's mostly e-book, but you can order a print copy if you want.

I'm very excited about this, as you can well imagine. Maybe it isn't Bloomsbury Publishing or anything, but it's a legit publishing house, albeit a small one, and I really feel like I actually accomplished something in my life that I drempt of in my youth.
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Charlie registered for his college classes yesterday at Montgomery County Community College. Got his photo taken for his student ID, and took a tour of the campus.

It's a really nice campus. It has a good, college feel; doesn't come off like 'thirteenth grade' at all. They have sport, and clubs and some lovely buildings. I think Charlie will be happy there. It's a good way for him to ease into the whole thing. His plan is to do MonCo for two years, then transfer to a 4-year college. It's a good plan. An inexpensive plan.

I feel like I should be more sentimental about this, but it's only when it sneaks up on me does it really hit me that my little boy isn't.

Like for example, when he got his driving license, I was really proud and happy for him, but I didn't feel sappy or sad at all.

Then, the following weekend he was going to his dad's for the weekend, and driving himself. I stood at the doorway, watching him drive off, did it really hit me. My husband, bless him, totally sensed what was going on because he just gave me the biggest hug and didn't laugh at my sentimental tears.

So I'm sure I won't get (too) weepy the day he graduates, but I know at some people over the summer, something's going to come up, and I'm going to be hit with the knowledge my little boy is a man, starting on a path to his own life, independent of mine, and I will cry.

Happy tears, of course, but I'll still cry.
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Yesterday Charlie got his driving license.

9 years ago I had a post about Charlie learning to ride a 2-wheeler.

He's graduating high school in June!

This is being a very emotional Spring for me!
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Hello, Livejournal!

I just thought I would share the photo of my soon to be published book! No release date yet, as we are in the 'galley proof' stage at the moment, but we're getting there.

I'm really pleased with the cover - the artist totally got the mood I was going for. Also it is super cool to see my name on a book cover!

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I opened my email to see a message from 'Penguin Books' with a subject that said 'Announcement: Terry Pratchett'. When I opened it, I let out such an anguished wail, my husband, who is currently working from home, ran upstairs to see what was wrong.

We knew, I guess, it was coming. He made no bones about dying on his own terms, and his last few Discworld books seemed to me to be saying good-bye, but I still felt like I was punched in the gut. I'm crying like I lost a treasured friend, and in many ways, he was.

I don't knwo why his books meant so much to me; there might be some psychological reason, or maybe it was just part and parcel of my anglophelia, but every time I got a new book of his, I was happy, even in the midst of my sadder life moments.

I'm glad to hear it seems like he did go out the way he wanted to, peacefully, amongst family and friends.

Terry Pratchett was a brilliant, funny and interesting man, and the world is richer for having known him, and sadder for having lost him.
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Charlie's wanted to go to Montgomery County Community College since he found out he can learn how to develop video games there. It also makes sense from a financial/social standpoint - because of his Autism, he's slightly behind in his social skills, and he's young anyway - he'll not even be 18 until September, and he said he didn't want to go away to school. This way he can get some courses under his belt and in 2 years transfer to a 4 year college.

Today Charlie received his official 'acceptance' letter from MonCo. He was really excited.

I cried a little.
Charlie end of race 2
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I just signed a contract for The Wild Rose Press for my book, Strange Business (originally titled Working Over Time).

I'm very excited. It's a small press, but it's legit, and they have a good reputation. I have an editor and everything.

I'd sent in sample chapters and the editor turned it down, with suggestions for edits. She said I could make the changes and send it back, so I did - her edits really made it better too. I hadn't realised how 'passive voice' it was.

I came up with the idea for the book on this very journal, years ago. I'm really happy that I stuck with it.

I unlocked another life achievement!
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So I've been working on a book. For ages now, actually. A friend of mine has been published at this small, mostly online, publishing company, so I decided to send it to them. It got as far as an editor, but then she rejected it because I used too much 'passive voice'. She did say I could revise and send it back to her, so I did. I finished re-editing my manuscript, and sent the 3 sample chapters to her today. She emailed me back and said she's looking forward to reading it.

So...either I totally can't write NOT in passive voice, and she still won't want it,  or I'll have done what she said, but she won't like the story.OR just possibly, she'll accept it.

Not sure what I'll do if it gets rejected. It's a good story, I think. I'm quite proud of it, and honestly help she gave me really made me go back and make the story stronger. I think it's even better than before. So...if it gets rejected, maybe I'll try elsewhere. Or maybe I'll just publish it myself and hope people buy it. :)

So wish me luck!
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I haven't posted in ages. And I noticed people posted on my June entry (sheesh) but I don't think I ever got a notice on it, so I thought, probably, that no one was interested in what I had to say.

Facebook. Eating everything up. life, an update. It's still good. Husband2.0 is great. Really great. Like end of a happy movie great. Not sure how I got so lucky, but there you go.

Charllie is 17, and has his driving permit. Guys...17! I started this journal when he was 6. He's an amazing young man. He wants to study computer programing/game design. He's almost 6 feet tall now.

I sent a book I wrote to a small publisher called Wild Rose Press. They mostly liked it, but the editor rejected it because of reasons, but she told me I could do some revising and send it back so I'm working on that. Fingers crossed, okay?

Went to the 2nd annual Doctor Who convention this past weekend. It was ever so much fun. The highlight for me was telling Colin Baker my idea for a tv series that I think he, Sylvester Mccoy, and Peter Davidson should do. I said the world needs a show where the three of them play guys travelling around the country in a caravan solving mysteries. He really liked the idea. He really did. I just hope he says something to Peter Davidson and they share a laugh at le.ast

So how are you, LJ?


Jun. 8th, 2014 07:59 pm
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I know, I know, I've woefully neglected my LJ lately. Life and stuff, I guess.

But...I'm feeling nostalgic, so here I am.

I do think, possibly, that a large part of my ignoring LJ lately is that my life, actually pretty darn good. I'm feeling content and happy, and I no longer feel like my life is perched on quicksand. My new marriage is now 2 years old and still just as good as it was when we first met. I"d stopped believing in soulmates, but I'm re-thinking that again. It's amazing how well we fit together.

Charlie is on the verge of finishing his junior year of high school. I'm having slight difficulty with this. He's so...grown. He is, still, an amazing person. He's gotten involved in this Unitarian thing - his dad started taking him to church (and yes I'm slightly jealous that it's HIM and not me that got Charlie involved) but he loves it. He's even on the 'DYSC' committee this year. I'm very proud of him.

He just took his SAT's too.

He wants to go to Montgomery Community College to start because they have a Computer Game Design program, and he's decided that's what he wants to do. I'm glad he has a goal. Even if he changes his mind, having something to look to is a good thing.

I've been cooking a lot lately. Well, I've always cooked, but I've gotten totally into finding recipes and making stuff from scratch, and it's fun. I even made my own Salsa today. And I've made my own teriyaki sauce, even. I am working, but I get home by 2:30, so I have time to make proper recipes.

I sometimes think I'd like to take a class so I can learn how to make my OWN recipes, but it's still fun to make stuff. Charlie is always an appreciative recipient.

My little family will be back in the UK next summer. That's something to look forward to. Hoping to meet up with some internet people again then.

And that's it for me. How are you?

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And here's Charlie. Remember when he was blond? And little?

Charlie Pic
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So, I thought I would post a few photos from the Doctor Who convention I went to. It was small, in Long Island, but it was really wonderful being amongst my people.

My Brilliant Friend [ profile] kirathaune helped me with my costumes. And, of course, by 'helped me' I mean 'totally made them for me'.

So without further ado. Here are some photos.

This is me with Fraser Heines. I am, as you see, dressed as Sarah Jane Smith.


Me and a fellow Sybilline sister. It was so cool - we saw each other across the room and embraced like we were old friends. SO many people stopped for our photo. I felt famous.

Doctor Who

Me and Kira and Sylvester McCoy. Kira dressed as River both times. She looked awesome.

Everyone was so nice, which was totally unsurprising. And the variety of costumes were amazing. One person dressed as 'Bad Wolf Bay', even. And there was a woman who was dressed as Mrs Foster, which was awesome. Next post I'll show some other people's costumes.

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You know those times when you realised that you haven't spoken to a friend in awhile, and you think 'I should really call that person' but then you don't, and then days go by and you start feeling guilty that you didn't call, and then it just gets harder and harder to pick up the phone because you can't help but start to think that friend probably doesn't even want to talk to you by that point?

That's how I feel about LJ. I have defected to FB for the most part, and I post stuff there - nothing near as interesting as the conversations we used to get up to here, and the longer I went without posting anything here, the more I thought that no one would really want to read it anyway. And my paid account ran out and I didn't re-up it, so I don't have all my user icons or anything.

And I do have things to talk about, really. Good things. Maybe that's why I haven't posted. My life, in start contrast to some of my older posts here, is pretty darn good. My new marriage is good, my son is good. I went to England which was super good, but that was over a year ago now, and I just don't know if anyone wants to hear about it.

I did go to a Doctor Who convention in October. I could share those photos. That was pretty awesome.

Charlie - who was six when I opened this account - is now sixteen going on seventeen, a junior in High School, and doing fairly well. He likes his new school, he's getting decent grades, and he seems to have friends to hang out with at school.

In fact, just today I got an email about some parental seminar regarding selecting his course schedule for next year. I started to say to Charlie 'You'll be picking out your classes for the last year of high school,' but I couldn't get the words out because I started to cry just a little bit.

So this is me, picking up the phone. Hopefully some of you still want to talk to me.


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